Today’s reason to exist: Boston Terriers.

I have one and we exist for each other. I adopted him from an American family who didn’t want him anymore and he is the best dog I have ever owned.  He doesn’t bark, he doesn’t whine, he just hangs out with me and is even more cautious about life than I am.

Here is what my Boston looks like:


Look how cute he is.  Most of the time, his eyes are kind of bugged out like he is saying, “what happened?!”  He is also big for a Boston Terrier – Most people in Europe think he is a weird looking Boxer.

Now that you know what my pup looks like, go to and type in #Bostonterrier.   I don’t think I want my Boxer sized Boston on my shoulders…

But I would

wrap him in a towel or let him wear a tie.

If tumblr didn’t work to bring out a smirk smile then try this instagram feed full of Boston Terriers.

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