Reason to Exist: Look at this Finger Torture Device

Why? Because things could be worse.

I know what it is like to not give a flying f*ck about the world.  Even if they put this device on my hands, I wouldn’t have budged. I would have let them have all of my fingers and toes.

I’ve been there.  

When I visited a therapist, she wanted me in a hospital – I checked off all the boxes except suicide. Clinically depressed, topped with postpartum depression and situational depression and probably three or four other kind of depression that went undiagnosed.  I couldn’t get myself out from under all those layers of sadness and no one seemed to notice – I felt useless and could not figure out why the heck I was even around. What was the point?

It’s been thirteen years since I was that sad. Over the last decade, I’ve kept myself balanced by remembering reasons to exist which is why today, I’m grateful that I’m educated and opinionated and don’t have  to worry that I will be placed in some torturous device because of my ability to express myself. Try it. Even if you don’t believe it.  Say it out loud.

“I’m grateful I live today.”

“I will express myself today.”

If you are following reason to exist, I would suggest getting a notebook and writing down your thoughts.  Don’t do it on the computer because once you are feeling better, I want you to destroy those notebooks.  Once you are feeling emotionally balanced, go back and burn those notebooks filled with gibberish from when you were not feeling your best.  It will be a visual release of that part of your life. Believe me it feels great.

If you want to chuck stuff out of your life, you might like following my coaching blog. Currently we are doing a thirty day clean your house routine.

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